Our Alliance

The George Washington University is home to scholars, practitioners, and students that produce new knowledge about the environment, economy, and equity to enable policies and practices that help societies thrive while ensuring that future generations will have similar opportunities and resources.

The alliance integrates numerous academic disciplines and leverages partnerships across academia, industry, government and the nonprofit sector to deliver solutions for the most urgent community-defined challenges.

Sustainability research at GW addresses complex social problems related to sustainability through natural science, technological solutions, social science, policy and communication. Longstanding strengths in research on climate change, energy transitions, urban futures, communications, mobility, and the Arctic form a solid foundation for future growth and discovery. The alliance builds on and amplifies the work of the Sustainability Research Institute, the Global Food Institute, the Climate and Health Institute, and Planet Forward, among other centers, laboratories and programs.

The alliance  also increases the university’s capacity to develop innovative research programs and projects, to seek large multidisciplinary grants, to convene leading players in sustainability, and to integrate research, teaching, applied solutions, communications, and outreach.