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Alliance for a Sustainable Future





Climate change remains the biggest threat to humanity, our resources, and our planet.

Across disciplines, offices, and institutes, and through research, academics and action, the George Washington University has long been on the front lines of the fight against climate change and promoting a more sustainable way of life for the health of our planet.

The George Washington University Alliance for a Sustainable Future is a bold, university-wide initiative that unites members of the GW community who support climate change and sustainability work. Under one banner, through a powerful strategic alliance of research institutes, academic programs, organizations, and individuals dedicated to the shared mission of combating climate change and promoting healthy and thriving resource systems for all, we will amplify our commitment to climate and sustainability work and increase our global impact.





Our Alliance



Climate change and sustainability work is everywhere at GW. As the brand new Alliance makes strides, it will connect with additional institutes, programs, faculty, students, and staff across GW engaging in this space, and the Alliance participant list will continue to grow.

Keep an eye on this space — we're just getting started.







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